University of Alaska Fairbanks

CE302 | Introduction to Transportation Engineering (3.0cr) Introduction to multimodal transportation systems and factors that influence the planning, design and operation of transportation systems.

CE405 | Highway Engineering (3.0cr)
Design of geometric elements of streets and highways with emphasis on safety and efficiency: functional classification, design controls, vertical and horizontal alignments, cross sections, and intersections.

CE406 | Traffic Engineering (3.0cr)
Operation and control of transportation systems with emphasis on traffic on highways and streets: traffic control devices, data collection, capacity and level of service, signalization, traffic impact analysis, accident analysis.

ESM422+622 | Engineering Decisions (3.0cr)
Risk and uncertainty in engineering decisions. Basic applied probability and statistics, data analysis, regression analysis and time series. Engineering judgment and uncertainty. Public safety and ethics.

CE470 | Civil Engineering Internship  (1.0cr)
Supervised engineering field and work experience. Assignments individually arranged with cooperating agencies. The student must have a letter of release from the company, prepare weekly memos, a written report and make an oral presentation.

CE471 | Field Practicum  (1.0cr)
Introduction to field data collection techniques used in civil engineering sub-disciplines such as structural, traffic, water, environmental and materials; preliminary data analysis and descriptive statistics.

CE607 | GIS Applications in Civil Engineering (3.0cr)
Theories and advanced methods of Geographic Information Systems for civil engineering practice. Students apply and execute concepts related to data integration, analysis, and management in the ArcGIS suite during labs.

University of Vermont

CE241 | Traffic Operations and Design (3.0cr)
Advanced concepts relating to traffic engineering and capacity analysis; highway and intersection capacity; traffic analysis and simulation software; design and application of controls; parking lot design; roundabouts and traffic calming.

CDAE 295  |Transportation Planning (3.0cr) – Teaching Assistant (2009)
Lectures or readings on contemporary issues in transportation planning and transportation infrastructure development.

University of Maine

CIE 111 | Properties of  Materials (3.0cr)Lab Assistant  (2005, 2006)
The structure, properties, and testing of engineering materials and their use in constructed facilities. Includes metals, woods, concrete, bituminous mixtures, plastics, insulation, adhesives and corrosion of materials.

CIE 101 | Civil   Engineering Graphics  (3.0cr) Lab Assistant (2004-2006)
Graphic principles, concepts and techniques involving civil engineering applications. Exercises will be done in 2D/3D using CADD software.

CIE 115 | Computers in Civil Engineering (3.0cr) – Lab Assistant (2003-2006)
Introduces the student to computers and computations by solving examples relevant to civil engineering. The algorithmic aspects of programming as well as the development of simple graphical user interfaces are taught.